Sunday, December 30, 2012

Charlie Reed, CSU's Chancellor, Is Retiring

Charlie Reed, California State University's Chancellor for the last 15 years, is retiring.  I worked in the CSU's Office of the Chancellor, the system's administrative headquarters, throughout most of Charlie Reed's tenure and have my own perspective on his performance.

Reed had his faults but he was a strong leader with a particular dedication to students.  He fought hard in Sacramento for CSU, reached out to minority and other underserved communities in California, championed the development of processes to assist high school students to be better able to enter the CSU system, and demanded that his staff and campus presidents strive to increase graduation rates.  Perhaps above all, he guided the system through incredibly troubling times that resulted from a failing economy and weak politicians unwilling to make tough decisions and focus on higher education.   

Reed was unfairly blamed for tuition increases that flowed from diminishing state financial support and monumental budget cuts.  He clashed with the faculty union which refused to recognize that no one was getting salary increases but still wanted them for its own.  

Charlie failed to recognize the mistake in boosting executive pay, not for existing presidents whose salaries were frozen as was everyone else's but for new presidents he wanted to attract to lead CSU campuses.  Students blamed CSU for fee increases instead of turning their focus on Sacramento which consistently slashed CSU's budget.  

Charlie Reed was admittedly coarse at times, lacking the smoothness of his predecessor, Barry Munitz, but Reed was decisive, loyal to his staff, incredibly bright and quick to grasp complex issues, hard working, and, underneath a gruff exterior, a very caring person.

Good luck, Charlie.  Enjoy your well earned retirement. 

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