Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Trump on Criminal Penalties for Women Having an Abortion

Today, during another one of those ubiquitous town-hall forums, Chris Matthews questioned Donald Trump with rapid fire inquiries. One question was whether Trump was against abortion. Yes he is, answered The Donald. Would you penalize women who had abortions if abortions became illegal, Matthews asked. Donald paused, presumably to think, but quickly answered yes. What would be the penalty, asked Chris. Donald hesitated and said he'd have to think about that.

Well, the mainstream and social media world lit up at Donald's pronouncement. Not only did Democrats denounce his position but even social conservatives rejected it, saying they opposed abortion but had never favored imposing criminal penalties on the women, only the physicians.

Shortly thereafter, the Trump campaign issued a "clarification" which was, in point of fact, a complete reversal, adopting the social conservatives' position against abortion but now opposing criminal penalties on the women who had abortions.

A commentator on CNN shortly after Trump had taken his initial position with Chris Matthews and before the "clarification" offered the best "explanation" as to why Trump made the statement in the first place: given that Trump has no core values and is a pure opportunist, opined the commentator, when asked the question by Chris Matthews, who was demanding very quick responses, Trump had to quickly figure out not where he actually stood but, rather, what he imagined Wisconsin and other voters would want to hear him say. And that is what he said.

If only the Republicans had a presentable candidate for President, just in case the GOP wins. No, not Trump. Not Cruz. And Kasich is no moderate either.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

For those who miss my tweets ... here are some recent ones.

  1. Lindsey said nominating Trump or Cruz meant death to GOP in Nov. "Death by being shot or poisoning." Flip-flopping, Lindsey? 😳
  2. It appears plays neutral journalist when he chooses and expresses personal opinions at other times. That's okay but fuzzes lines
  3. || to give major address begging the #47% he rejected in 2012 who support to abandon Trump & vote for Establishment.🙄
  4. : who gave us the 47%, self-deportation & hidden tax returns is the last person to be wheeled out to take down 🙄
  5. : headline "Bernie Sanders isn't going anywhere". He's neither abandoning his political revolution nor creating one
  6. : campaign strengthening as candidate. Wrong. It's weakening chances to retain POTUS aft 8 yrs
  7. As I tweeted long ago, Trump opponents shd have done what Gingrich did to Romney w/ Bain Capital video. has done it. Use it.
  8. Pundits lacking historical perspective still talk of old guard as East Coast monied interests. BS. Nixon/Reagan overthrew them. Grow up
  9. . continues to field multiple panels filled w/shrill partisans like Jeff Lord, speed talker , uninformative .
  10. Unimpressed by political pundits. opined might well win Texas. Wrong. & that Trump on KKK was merely careless. Wrong 2x
  11. Viewed & tonite. MSNBC won. Better panels, not as scattered. & disappointing. CNN partisans terrible.
  12. . 's white male issue this time? Not Obama. Read article predicting Sanders winning OK re white workers
  13. If donors & operatives who want to defeat were at all smart, they'd begin by circulating 's video widely.
  14. Gosh , which candidate or office holder hasn't been flawed? Do you really think & are equally flawed?
  15. The thing about O'Donnell is that he talks so authoritatively but is so often wrong. Pawlenty as nominee? Trump will never run? 🙄😳
  16. Watching shout his way to analyzing contest. fading as analyst. Nothing meaningful said.
  17. .'s victory in Mass. primary tonight is significant given its proximity to ' Vermont & its liberal bent.
  18.  In reply to 
    . showed he could win in caucus states. Otherwise he did poorly, OK being an outlier, Vt his home.
  19. . further burnishing his credentials as the extreme right wing hope. But he'll never become the establishment candidate. Narrow lane
  20. . Don't simply describe 's behavior. Take responsibility for giving him more free TV exposure in a mock "press conference".
  21. Another example of mainstream media giving extended free exposure right now. . And then media wonders why he's doing well.
  22. While people are now listening to champion his leadership they should watch 's video exposing his emptiness
  23. looks like an undertaker in introducing tonight and standing behind him. Duh.